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Customer Centric

It’s Our Foundation

In an era of unprecedented change and industry transformation, CFS helps companies anticipate disruptive forces, understand shifting business models and see the possibilities for new services and enhanced customer engagement.

We start with an outside-in philosophy, looking at all aspects of the customer experience, assessing how technology can enable and competitors will force change. Using this as our foundation, CFS ensures that strategic and tactical plans are based on customer needs to help our clients serve their customers in new and better ways.

CFS begins our projects with analysis and implications, then develops relevant marketing, sales and customer experience strategies. We then assist our clients in taking those strategies to market, and because of our agile partnering framework, we can plug-in at any phase or take the project end-to-end.

Analysis & Implications

In the Analysis & Implications phase, CFS identifies the impact on your business from new and shifting market trends, emerging and dynamic competitive threats and changing customer needs and expectations. During this phase, we often conduct an industry and market scan, competitive research and primary consumer research as needed. This enables us to identify gaps in product and service offerings and new service concepts. With many of our clients, we develop ideas or “use cases” of how new services could be used by customers.

Strategy Development

During the Strategy Development phase, CFS creates the marketing strategy as well as the associated sales and customer service strategies designed specifically to ensure a great customer experience. Key marketing elements include product and service offerings that customers want, the positioning and messaging strategies that will resonate with the target audience, as well as the selling and servicing strategy that defines how and where customers want to purchase and be serviced. The customer experience is the core of the Strategy Development phase, ensuring that all customer touch points will delight the customer.


In the Go-to-Market phase, tactical marketing and communications plans are created as well as sales channel training and compensation programs and customer service training and readiness plans. As we live the implementation with our clients, we strive to bridge the gap between strategy and tactical implementation to ensure a great customer experience.

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