The hospitality industry has great upside when technology is properly applied, and it’s transforming the guest experience, from automatic check-in as the guest arrives on premise, to keyless entry into their room using the hotel’s mobile app. Hotel managers can increase real-time visibility across their properties, streamlining and reducing cost of operations, and can collect a wealth of information about their guests to personalize and reward their experience.

CFS can help businesses in the hospitality ecosystem transform by:

  • Understanding current and evolving market forces and the disruption impacting the hospitality business and customer choices
  • Identifying opportunities to use mobile technologies throughout the hotel operation to improve service delivery, increase employee retention and reduce operating costs
  • Ensuring that your digital and online presence complements and enriches guests’ brand experience before, during and after their visit
  • Preparing your organization to assimilate and decipher the data being collected
  • Applying our deep and rich heritage in mobility, business analytics and digital technologies across your operation

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