Transportation & Logistics

Companies in transportation and logistics feel constant pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Whether it’s a private fleet of trucks or a logistics company entrusted to transport goods for other businesses, wireless technologies and sensors are becoming a staple in their operations. The ability to see in real-time the disposition of a container and the status of the goods inside it, or to provide predictive maintenance before an incident or failure occurs, is essential for today’s transportation and logistics companies.

CFS can help guide businesses in the transportation and logistics industry transform by:  

  • Identifying opportunities to use mobile technologies throughout your supply chain to help streamline operations
  • Leveraging technology to deliver the transparency customers demand
  • Guiding companies with fleets on how to equip vehicles with mobile technologies to improve fleet performance and operations
  • Preparing your organization to assimilate and decipher the data being collected
  • Applying our deep and rich heritage in mobility, business analytics and digital technologies across your organization

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