Who We Are

CFS supports customers from ideation and strategy to tactical planning and implementation through ongoing support and managementent.

Our Story

In 1999, our founding partners left corporate leadership positions and set out to build a different kind of consulting experience.

Our Focus

The voice of the customer is the foundation of every phase of every client engagement.


Our Experience

Over 21 years of consulting experience and a wide range of services lead to deep client relationships and engagements.

How we became Customer Focused Strategies

We were both working in corporate jobs and often relied on consultants for various types of projects. Some of the companies were household names, while others were small with very specific expertise. Despite the talent of these various consultancies, we were often left with gaps when the project wrapped.

We saw an opportunity to offer a holistic consulting approach, to help clients identify and quantify market potential and put plans into action that add value to clients and their customers. We didn’t want our work to be a binder on the shelf; we wanted to live the implementation with our customers.

In 1999, we set out to create a new management consulting experience for clients made up of a team of other professionals we knew and respected, who were passionate about this unique approach to consulting.  

Our hand-selected consultants form a high-performance team with proven results. Diverse skillsets and real-life experience allow us to apply rich business perspective with the ability to drill deeply into a specific discipline. Add to that our relentless focus on the customer and the result is impactful business outcomes and multi-year client engagements. 

Our Promise

Our core values shape our approach to every client relationship 

Our Team

Pam Lopez

Managing Partner

With her extensive cross-functional background, Pam views client challenges from a holistic perspective. Her experience building and running high-performing sales, marketing, and customer service organizations makes her equally talented at strategy development and operational execution.


FUN FACT: Pam was recruited for a D-1 Badminton team but didn’t want to make that much “racquet” in college  

Suzanne Beisner

Managing Partner

A successful and experienced executive, Suzanne drives strategic planning with her expertise in market and consumer research. Combining strategic thinking with a keen understanding of go-to-market tactics and customer experience, she helps clients bring innovative new products and services to market.


FUN FACT: Suzanne wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up, but her passion for exploring planet Earth has kept her feet on the ground.

John Altamura

A highly successful, results-driven senior executive, John combines his end-to-end vision with real-life experience to deliver positive ROI for clients. His unique background spans general management, marketing, strategy and finance, and he has successfully led the turnaround of a bankrupt wireless carrier.


FUN FACT: Always with an eye on the prize, John has earned multiple first-place trophies in horseshoes AND darts.

Tina Altamura

A senior executive with a track record of designing and executing successful marketing, sales channel, and product management programs, Tina anchors everything in the customer experience. She uses her cross-functional background to help clients deliver amazing end-to-end experiences while optimizing business outcomes.


FUN FACT: Family game night often turns into family game “weekend” as Tina makes everyone continue playing until she wins.

Laurie Barnette

A creative business strategist, Laurie has extensive experience in brand strategy, product development, channel marketing, and GTM across industries ranging from technology to CPG. A passionate believer in “data-driven instinct,” she helps clients develop and execute innovative solutions found at the intersection of art and science in sales and marketing.


FUN FACT: Laurie believes she is ambidextrous, but her handwriting is awful either way.

Kim Davis

Kim has an extensive corporate strategy, business planning, marketing, and public relations experience with an emphasis on contact center operations. She is passionate about the customer experience and the internal and external influences that drive customer decision and loyalty.


FUN FACT: Hailing from New Orleans, Kim is a die-hard Saints fan – win, lose, or draw.

Marc De Wachter

With meticulous attention to detail, Marc guides clients through complex, cross-functional initiatives by focusing on facts to deliver business results. He has a proven ability to develop and implement solutions by aligning business processes with technology, people, and the organization.


FUN FACT: Never one to take the easy road, Marc’s first golf outing was on Pete Dye-designed Blackwolf Run, a top 100 US course. Those Titleist 4s at the bottom of the lake are his!

Lesley Eason

With her innate ability to see the intersection of technology and future applications, our clients trust Lesley to guide their business strategy. Her extensive international business experience includes M&A assessments, strategic alliances and partnerships, managing due diligence, and creating market-entry strategies.


FUN FACT: For many years, Lesley had a pet skunk named Simon

Jennifer Powell-Elgin

Extensive cross-functional experience in marketing, sales, and operations enables Jennifer to guide the development of B2B and B2C programs for our clients. Her expertise in market and competitive assessments help ground strategic decisions in data and analysis.


FUN FACT: Jennifer loves travel and new adventures but will remain true to her Georgia roots.

Jane Harrison

After many years of experience in both B2C and B2B marketing, Jane looks at every opportunity through the eyes of the ultimate user. Jane is a creative and strategic thinker, focused on how businesses, and how they achieve success is evolving.


FUN FACT: Fascinated by psychology and the study of behavior, Jane has been known to teach old dogs new tricks (literally!)

Carol Hornaday

With her deep roots in telecommunications, Carol has helped build wireless networks as well as operate and market them to customers. Her experience developing and implementing large capital and expense budgets helps customers understand quantifiable impacts to guide strategy and decision making.


FUN FACT: As a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member, Carol applies her coordination and teamwork skills to help local friends and neighbors during natural disasters. 


Amy McMurtrie

With senior leadership experience in wireless, cable and mobile software development, Amy brings a holistic business perspective to her consulting engagements. She helps clients identify and navigate integrated impacts across marketing, sales, customer service and operations, keeping a keen eye on customer experience.


FUN FACT: Amy’s competitive spirit can best be seen on the tennis court and the scrabble board.

Susan Racheneur

With her rich cross-functional background in strategy, finance, marketing and operations, Susan leads a variety of projects for CFS clients with the assurance that at they are in experienced, capable hands. She sees quick wins as easy, but the big, complex projects are her jam.


FUN FACT: Susan is an adventurer, riding horses and motorcycles, traveling the world, and raising twin boys.

Penny Tallis

An experienced senior executive, Penny helps clients define vertical market strategy and manage profitable B2B sales and operations organizations. She has led multiple customer service transformation projects and balances strategic understanding of the business with experience managing people, processes, and technologies. 


FUN FACT: Penny is known as “Martha-MacGyver” for her ability to whip up a last-minute dinner for 15 with a few ingredients from the pantry and fridge.

Amy Wilson

Applying her background in strategy, product management, business development, and lifecycle management, Amy helps clients ideate and deploy IoT solutions. She focuses on market drivers across segments and associated ecosystem implications that result in successful service offerings.


FUN FACT: Always up for some friendly competition, Amy has won hula hoop and limbo contests and won a trip to LA to rub elbows with American Idol royalty.

Yunche Wilson

As a performance and marketing strategist, Yunche helps clients make better choices, transform decisions into actions, and deliver results that accelerate growth. With her keen sense of digital customer experiences, she helps companies achieve sustainable success despite the economic climate.


FUN FACT: Taking it up an octave, Yunche was a classically trained singer and high-school state champion. 



Whether your product or service is in the ideation stage, needs a relaunch, or if you want to remove friction from product development and deployment processes, we can help you deliver innovative solutions to your customers.

  • Product Management Discipline
  • Product Development
  • Go-To-Market
  • Market Implementation
  • Product & Portfolio Lifecycle



An optimal channel mix ensures your target market and existing customers are well served. We can help design a channel strategy with the necessary processes and tools to accelerate sales, drive results, and grow revenue.

  • Channel Development 
  • Channel Optimization 
  • Sales Enablement 
  • Sales Advancement 



You have a story to tell, whether it is your brand promise or your latest promotion. We can ensure your message is amplified consistently across all touchpoints and delivered in engaging formats where and when your audience desires.

  • Branding
  • Market Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Campaigns & Programs
  • Channel Marketing



The customer experience has never been more important. We can help design your service delivery organization to meet customer expectations and the performance and financial goals of your business.

  • Customer Service Experience
  • Organization & Optimization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Agent Enablement



Whether you are looking to refresh your training content or explore digital delivery formats, we can ensure your plans, materials, and reinforcement programs are effective and align with skills and knowledge objectives.

  • Training Plans & Programs
  • Curriculum Development
  • Media & Delivery Format
  • Training Delivery
  • Retention & Reinforcement