Helping our clients increase employee skills and knowledge 


  • Assessing competencies to support employee development 
  • Designing curriculum to be delivered in enriching formats 
  • Reinforcing skills and knowledge through micro-learning interactions 

Training Plans & Programs

  • Needs Assessment 
  • Learning Plans by Persona 
  • Certification Programs 
  • Tracking Platforms 

Curriculum Development

  • Custom Content Development 
  • Existing Curriculum Assessment 
  • Off-the-Shelf Program Evaluation 

Media & Delivery Format

  • Video Production 
  • Computer-Based Training 
  • User Manuals & Job Aids 
  • Print & Digital 

Training Delivery

  • Virtual Learning 
  • Classroom Delivery 
  • Self-Paced Programs 
  • Train-the-Trainer 

Retention & Reinforcement

  • Training Impact Assessment 
  • Coaching Programs 
  • Skill Retention & Competency Development 

Looking to revitalize your training programs to meet employee and business needs?

Let CFS help you create an enriching learning environment 


CFS Advantage

Knowledge and skills development are key ingredients to position your people for growth and success. With real-life learning services experience, the CFS team can help equip your organization and cross-functional teams to achieve your business goals.   

Prepare your employees for success with effective skill and competency development platforms, curriculum, and tools. Whether training on products, processes, or programs, CFS will collaborate with your learning and business leaders to create compelling training programs and deploy optimal content delivery methods.



Employee Development


Impactful & Useful Content


Adaptable Training Formats


Learning Events & Environments


Continuous Engagement


Client wanted to create a sales force “multiplier” by cross-training adjacent market sales team to support the high-growth Energy  Services sector. This industry is complex, and adjacent sales team members needed training to more quickly generate leads and assist in the sales process.