Establishing direct and indirect channel strategy supported by the processes, tools, and sales skills needed to improve results and grow revenues 


  • Optimizing channel strategy and mix 
  • Improving channel performance with the right platforms and tools
  • Creating channel enablement programs that advance B2B and B2C sales

Channel Development

  • Channel Strategy & Mix 
  • Buyer’s Journey 
  • Organizational Design 
  • Channel Development & Implementation 
  • Customer Segment Alignment 
  • Compensation Strategy 

Channel Optimization

  • Channel Assessment 
  • Channel Profitability 
  • Organization Redesign 
  • Sales Analytics 
  • Market Analysis & Goal Setting 

Sales Enablement

  • Market & Customer Intelligence 
  • Skills Development & Training 
  • Incentives & Rewards 
  • Sales Automation  
  • Sales Portals  
  • Job Aids & Tools 

Sales Advancement

  • Lead Generation Programs 
  • Sales Funnel Management & Processes 
  • Account-Based Planning & Selling  
  • RFPs Proposals 

Need help increasing the velocity of your sales channels?

Let CFS help drive sales and boost revenue for your business


CFS Advantage

Sales strategy and channel optimization are part of our heritage. We have added life to traditional channels as well as built alternate channels to meet evolving B2B and B2C customer expectations. Our philosophy of marrying real-world knowledge of sales channels with the dynamics of the Buyer’s Journey, allows us to develop channel strategy and tactics that cater to the needs of your customers and meet the business and operational needs of your organization.

Our understanding of the interconnectedness of business helps anticipate impacts to marketing, customer support organizations, and training. 



Build Direct & Indirect Sales Channels


Improve Sales Channel Performance


Equip & Empower Sales Teams


Increase Velocity to Advance Sales


Our client wanted to expand their offering into the Municipality market with additional products and services. CFS developed a comprehensive plan that defined opportunities to improve customer engagement, expand service offers and provide market intel to win new business with Municipalities.