Customer Care

Helping our clients deliver best-in-class service to their customers 


  • Defining an ideal customer servicing strategy 
  • Organizing to optimize service delivery 
  • Empowering agents through training and tools 

Customer Service Experience

  • Customer Journey 
  • Multi-Channel Care 
  • Case Handling Strategies 
  • Service Level Tiering 
  • Customer Satisfaction Programs 
  • Root Cause Analysis 

Organization & Optimization

  • Service Organization Structure & Design 
  • Consolidation & Virtualization 
  • Site Assessment 
  • Site Selection 
  • Outsourcing Strategies 


Operational Excellence

  • Workforce Management
  • KPIs & Measurements 
  • Performance Reporting 
  • Workflow Analysis & Assessment 
  • Process & Procedures 
  • Technology & Systems 

Agent Enablement

  • Training Programs 
  • Performance Management 
  • Competency Profiles & Recruitment 
  • Incentives & Rewards Programs 
  • Job Aids 

Are you serving customers when and how they expect it?

Let CFS help you delight your customers 


CFS Advantage

When faced with a service moment of truth, are you confident that you are delivering on your customer’s expectations? We can help you answer that question with a resounding, “yes!”  

CFS has real-world experience designing customer service strategy and running contact centers and care sales teams. We can help align your servicing strategy with customer attitudes and expectations of care and support identifying opportunities to virtualize or consolidate. Thoughtfully designed training programs ensure live and virtual agents are equipped with the skills and tools to delight your customers at each touchpoint. 



Deliver Superior Customer Experiences


Optimize Service Delivery


Improve Productivity & Quality


Empower & Enable Care Agents


Operating nine call centers performing Customer Service and Financial Services functions, our client needed an assessment to improve productivity, efficiency, and cost. Evaluating each center, CFS developed a strategic vision that led to center consolidation and virtualization, new training and skills development, and standard performance metrics for Customer Operations.