How we helped a tier 1 pay-TV provider identify service enhancements to remain competitive 


Client needed to enhance search, recommendation and personalization features of its pay-TV service to stay competitive in market 

  • Competitors were offering superior search, recommendation and personalization features that threatened the market share
  • Client needed a firm understanding of the market, competitors and customer needs to identify enhancements for product roadmap



Conducted extensive secondary research for market insights along with comprehensive ‘hands-on’ analysis of key competitors’ services to assess search, recommendation and personalization feature priorities for both set-top and mobile experience 

  • Conducted research on industry and market trends and compiled list of competitors to evaluate
  • Assessed 6 top tier pay-TV “providers” and 16 pay-TV app providers services via customized, systematic approach for testing search, recommendation and personalization features
  • Created detailed competitor profiles and completed benchmarking analysis of features 
  • Drove both primary qualitative and quantitative research including design, execution and reporting
  • Recommended prioritized enhancements to be competitive and opportunities for creating a competitive advantage


Client prioritized enhancements for product roadmap and began exploring emerging technology opportunities to further enhance features and drive competitive advantage