The recently published Ericsson Mobility Report offers the latest industry-leading insights into the future of the mobile world, forecasts of mobile coverage, subscriptions and traffic.

The 2018 Report highlights that mobile data traffic grew 79 percent between Q3 2017 and Q3 2018—the highest growth rate since 2013. The report also explores the role of Fixed Wire Access as one of the early use cases of 5G, cellular connectivity in smart manufacturing, and why streaming video contributes so much to mobile traffic growth.

Other highlights: As mobile and data usage continue to surge, and 5G commerical launches have begun, it means even more new opportunities to businesses and consumers. Ericsson’s Report shows what lies ahead for communications service providers as 5G hits the market. Ericsson projects that in 2024, 5G will reach more than 40 percent population coverage and 1.5 billion subscriptions, making it the fastest generation ever to be rolled out on a global scale.

In parallel, cellular IoT is making great strides – connections are set to pass the 4 billion mark by 2024, driven by strong uptake in North East Asia.

The Report is based on industry-leading projections and analyses of the latest trends in the mobile industry. Ericsson’s forecasts are based on past and current data, validated with extensive network measurements. Read here to find out what’s coming next.